Oak Cliff Film Festival = Quality Times!

Bringing talented behind-the-scenes people like Producer Mike S. Ryan to Oak Cliff is a big reason why the 1st annual OCFF was a real hit.  Click thru for photos and more video interviews from the Festival.

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DIFF 2012 – Raspberry Jam and fun photos from the Red Carpet

Just good times with DIFF 2012!!!  Click thru for a sneak peak into the wonderful North Texas short film Raspberry Jam and some more fun photos with George Wada.

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DIFF 2012 – 1st Saturday Interviews

Funny what you’ll see coming home after, another, late night DIFF 2012 screening.  The only folks on the road when I was nearing my home was this fancy “taxi”.  Anyways for DIFF 2012 Interviews with Directors Jeffery Schwarz, Karin Hayes, Famke Janssen, and Actor Rory Cochrane click thru.  Continue reading